Claritask Framework For A Successful Project

4 min readFeb 14, 2023

Project management with Claritask provides a framework for success that is unmatched amongst other management styles, why? By using a project management system like Claritask, there is a successive sequence of planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling project activities. The culmination being on-time maximum customer satisfaction.

Planning & Setting Goals


Your RFP meeting went well, and congratulations you landed the contract, time to make the client happy. Time to carefully and concisely plan the project. So, first, within Claritask, you need to start a new project to set everyone’s access on the project level. General staff can be excluded from a project, while group admins automatically have access to all projects within the set group.


This is the core reason to use project management software, to systematically assign tasks to every employee and ensure it gets done. Tasks give managers the power to keep track of their projects in incremental detail with multiple options: people, tags, dates, descriptions, subtasks, files, comments, time tracking, and more.

Task Descriptions

The project needs to have clear objectives that are all-encompassing and easy for everyone to understand. With task descriptions, managers can add more detail to a task by further describing what that task is about.

Task Groups

Many times, individuals and their tasks will be performed within a certain aspect of the project, for example, a task group for plumbing within a skyscraper, or the group responsible for coding the avatar selections of a video game.

Organize in Checklist

Besides task groups, there are also subtasks that can be organized in their own checklists, this can turn a task into a tiny little project of its own. This is great for making sure all the minor details of a project are sorted out and corrected.

Setting a time frame.

Once all the descriptions are written up and tasks are assigned, managers will want to set up a calendar of expected milestone dates.


Claritask’s calendar is great because it visualizes tasks with all the due dates. Managers can postpone and reschedule tasks by a simple drag-and-drop, and quickly create and delegate tasks right from the calendar page.

Due Dates

Besides just assigning a task by a simple drag-and-drop process on the calendar, a due date can be assigned to know exactly who is responsible to get it done, and by when.

Allocating Appropriate Resources and Tracking Them

According to, projects take time, and they often overspend clients’ funds 85% of the time! Also, many companies horribly miss manage funds, lowering the ROI of a project, and making owners regret accepting the client project, to begin with! The following Claritask features help a lot with keeping financial things tightly on track.

Time Tracking

Track time so you know exactly the amount of time everyone has worked on a task.

Work Status

Employees can publicly declare which tasks they’re currently “working on” so everyone knows what they’re up to, without the manager having to ask.

Follow Tasks

Managers can follow tasks all the time and receive notifications about any changes to them without needing to be assigned to them.

“My Tasks”

Similar to work status, with this feature, co-workers publicly declare which task they’re accountable for, so there’s no debate or office politics as to “who is doing what?” Through the “My Tasks” section, everyone knows what’s expected.

Managing Unforeseen Issues

This is where the fine print of the original contract, zoning rules, or gray areas of client expectations come into play. This is where your organization might become disappointed in that it didn’t ask the client additional questions or phrase things in a certain way to lower expectations to easily overdeliver in the end. This is where managers may lament that they didn’t use the Claritask subtask or organized checklist features more often to ensure zero mistakes or lack of detail. Experience will refine the way you speak and the things you promise a client, make your job easier, and leave a few outs if needed.


Claritask features offer so many workplace redundancies that it becomes nearly impossible for a project not to be completed on time in its highest quality form. Start enjoying the benefits of project management software today with Claritask.