From Hoover Dam to Space Missions: Project Management

4 min readApr 11, 2023


Are you fascinated by the world’s greatest engineering feats? Do you want to know what it takes to bring massive projects to life and ensure their success? Look no further than the power of a project management system!

Take Hoover Dam for example, a marvel of modern engineering built in the 1930s that required the coordination of thousands of workers and contractors across multiple states. But how was such a massive undertaking successfully completed? A sophisticated project management system was used to plan, schedule, track progress, manage resources, and ensure safety. According to a 2014 article by Science Direct, “Hoover Dam was completed two years ahead of schedule and under budget despite political, economical, technical, and organizational obstacles.”

Or what about the Panama Canal, where a 50-mile-long channel had to be excavated through the isthmus of Panama? This incredible feat required coordination of engineering, dredging, and construction activities, all made possible through a comprehensive project management system.

One of the key innovations that the Panama Canal contributed to project management was the use of a centralized structure, which included a chief engineer and a team of skilled project managers who oversaw every aspect of the project. This structure allowed the teams to better allocate resources effectively, make informed decisions, and quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

And who can forget the Apollo Moon landing, where thousands of engineers and technicians across multiple locations had to work in unison to design, build, and launch the spacecraft? For example, a specific project management technique was applied to Apollo 11 termed “PERT” to estimate the time required to complete a project by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable tasks, like making the lunar module and spacesuits.

But it’s not just the past that has seen the benefits of project management systems. The Boston Central Artery/Tunnel, also known as the Big Dig, was a massive campaign that required the coordination of engineers, construction crew, and transportation activities to build a new underground highway and tunnel system through the heart of Boston. And once again, it was a comprehensive project management system that helped make it all possible.

So, whether you’re an engineer, project manager, or just someone fascinated by the world’s greatest plans of action, take a deeper interest in project management systems. They’re the key to success in even the most complex and challenging engineering projects.

Is your business operating as successfully and efficiently as some of history’s greatest engineering projects? It should! With automation and speed your peers are outcompeting you, how can you hope to keep up? You must keep staff focused, and on track, so milestones and deadlines can be met for client satisfaction, enter Claritask, the premier project management system which helps start-ups operate efficiently without spending an arm and a leg on sophisticated software.

Claritask offers various features that are key to running a large-scale project or a successful company. You can do everything from assigning simple tasks to fully integrating workflows quickly and easily. Some of Claritask’s key features include:


There’s no way we as a human species would have landed on the moon or built the Panama Canal without working in productive groups. With Claritask, managers can run separate teams within their own projects. Groups can represent a department in your workspace, or a product launch needing to be broken down into smaller projects, and more.

Comment On A Task Level:

With Claritask staff can quickly discuss and clarify deliverables with your team. Get non-intrusive notifications and reply about any change in direction if needed. Since project management systems are open forums, these comments can be read by the entire department so no information falls through the cracks.

Time Categories:

Do you think Hoover Dam would have still been built earlier than expected if managers were not tracking time closely? Using Claritask enables managers to keep a close watchful eye on how much time was utilized on each project. This way your business can outperform client expectations and get the work done impressively early.

“Everything” Page

Is your business undertaking projects of immense proportions, leaving managers baffled about where to start on Monday mornings? Make the situation easier with Claritask’s “Everything” page where managers can take stock of specific activities within a project. Explore the latest completed tasks and the most recent comments on any task across all projects. Managers are truly situationally intelligent and so client questions can be answered on demand.

Start taking advantage of Claritask’s features within your organization, accountability, and control are going to make dramatic improvements to your operation and bottom line.