Project Management Systems Hinder Failure

3 min readJan 24, 2023

Did you know that most projects fail? Not that the project is never completed and delivered to the client, but it most likely falls behind schedule or exceeds the budget. Using a project management system prevents this underperformance by instilling responsibility and ownership in employees by assigning them tasks.

Most companies don’t even understand how important a project management system is to their deliverables. Studies have shown that project failure rates drop down to 20% from 70% by using a project management system. Think about the budget savings and customer satisfaction delivered by simply using a project management system like Claritask. Sadly, most companies do not think this way. This is most likely due to upper management being stuck in their old ways of doing things. If the goal of an organization is to deliver value and increase profit margins, then a project management system, like Claritask, must be used. Claritask is affordable it’s free for up to 2 users, and empowers managers to know what anyone in their team is working on. Users can manage projects across team-based groups and keep track of deliverables with confidence and clarity. This means managers can scrap meetings in favor of just altering the direction of a project with new instructions. Project management systems are completely transparent, everyone can see what everyone else is working on, this type of environment fosters competition for showcasing one’s best work for hopeful merit of outperformance.

Using Claritask, managers and clients alike can concurrently rely on completing a project. Not only can managers grant access to clients to view the work (tasks) being completed for the project, but also view a feature called “Time Tracking” which summarizes exactly the amount of time everyone has worked on a task. According to studies, projects are at least 2.5x more successful if project management was involved. So, at a minimum using a project management system reduces the risk of a project falling below client expectations. There’s no need to deviate from the original plan or lower client expectations. First, ensure that your business is at least trying to perform all necessary tasks in a disciplined fashion. With working from home, from Starbucks, and on the road, the staff is losing their work ethic of the past, the 9–5 grind. Claritask instills the work regimen necessary for your organization to succeed, no matter where the employee is located.

Try using a project management system today, there are many to choose from, and you don’t need to pay much for good software. Check out Claritask, the platform is so intuitive to use that users love it.