The Best Time To Start A Business

4 min readSep 20, 2022


As the saying goes, it’s best to start a business during hard times. Well… with recession on the horizon, it’s time to take your business idea online and create a unique website that excels in the current e-commerce marketplace.

Having a successful online store is a highly desirable business. There are no commercial real estate costs, retail employees to hire, utilities, heck, you could be drop shipping the product from another country! The starting point is building a high-performance, fast, beautiful website. Enter a hosting platform that offers clients the ability to create a fully dynamic website that also gets hosted for a very low fee.

At, users simply sign up and start creating their website. By default, the website is mobile-friendly and has built-in code sequencing to ensure fast upload speeds.

A well-performing online business isn’t just a landing page with products for sale, other things go into the process like conducting market research and lead generation, essentials for starting a business during tough times. MyDev offers several applications that seamlessly link to its websites that perform various helpful functions to build an online reputation and generate sales. Applications include:

Zuitte is your hub for all things SEO. The platform searches and suggests the best keywords to use for when creating market content or blogs, there’s even an Amazon keyword generator! Zuitte also enables users to track and analyze both the performance of their own website as well as competitors. This is market data is key to knowing when to copy or outperform the competition. With Zuitte, users will save a lot of time by letting the software do all the research for you.

Claritask is an online task and project management system. With Claritiask managers know what everyone in their team is working on via a main dashboard. Managing projects across team-based workspaces is smooth and keeping track of deliverables is easy. Claritask keeps organizes all the aspects of operating a project clear and efficient.

Claritick is a ticketing system that enables businesses to capture and manage requests from customers. By using this platform, managers will detect and handle problems faster and more efficiently.

Irevu helps businesses generate more reviews, rank higher on internet search, and get more visibility in more places, more often. Irevu does this by making it easy for your customers to post as many 5-stars ratings as possible. What about the negative feedback? Irevu specialize in that as well! The Irevu systems will send notifications of any negative review being posted about your business from nearly anywhere on the web. Nothing will fall through the cracks; you will know if someone writes something negative about your business even from the least known domain. So, with Irevu, online businesses gain a competitive edge when it comes to accumulating reviews and maintaining a high ranking, which attracts more customers and drives further success.

Convosio enables business staff to engage with their site visitors or customers via live chat. With over 90% of millennials preferring live chat over traditional methods of customer service, Convosio is the future. chatbots are also available, so one can pre-program their bot to start every live chat with a name, adding an automated and personalized FAQ page. Convosio brings you closer to the customer, if they are still hesitant to make a purchase, the live chat feature enables you to answer any question or concern to close the deal!

Sendbat is Mydev’s solution for email marketing. With Sendbat, users are able to reach out to all their contacts in a personalized fashion and expect a 15% open email rate thanks to highly attractive templates that are also mobile-friendly.

Morsix is an advanced warehouse platform that is sold at a deep discount. Morsix helps businesses, even very large warehouses, and e-commerce sites, track and manage their inventory.

Urless is an add-on application used to reduce a long link into a more manageable and useable URL. With Urless’ powerful tools a business is able to better understand their customer and protect its brand.

iPaymer is a fast payment processing service that MyDev offers to save businesses a boat load of money. The convenient payment system is appreciated by customers and vendors alike. iPaymer is perhaps the most selected add-on for newly created websites since it makes the most cents (pun intended) to save on credit card transaction costs.

MyDev is the new digital ecosystem on the block. Fortunately, MyDev was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, so it understands the needs of start-up needing to be lean during recessionary times. So, what are you waiting for? Start building that e-commerce site you wanted. All the other applications MyDev has to offer are built to complement and sync with any in website built in-house or off its platform.