Ways To Effectively Use A Project Management System

3 min readSep 20, 2022


Project management platforms are amazing, they let you know what everyone in the team is working on. Such systems allow you to manage projects across team-based groups and keep track of deliverables with confidence and clarity. Regardless of which software you have chosen to use, it’s important to yield the most out of it, the following are suggestions:


Everything starts with education and training. Project management systems like Claritask are intuitive and easy to use, but still require a bit of acclimation for new users. Training is better than just letting an employee “figure it out” since a project management system is a tool which can empower employees to do better work if they know how to use it effectively. Teach your employees how to use the entire range of functions and features that are offered by the software. Motivate staff to get excited about enhancing their work by taking advantage of critical features for the business.

Integration & Customization of Add Ons

Using a project management software becomes even more powerful if it can integrate with other business systems or third-party platforms. For example, having the project management system integrate with a ticketing software which also seamlessly connects with live chat. Unfortunately, it’s not common for software companies to offer multiple products that fully integrate with one another, but guess what? Claritask fully integrates with all application offered by its parent company, MyDev.com. So by using a project management system like Claritask, your business doesn’t need to shop around for product, it can start off by saving a lot by purchasing a buddle of applications all from one quality provider (MyDev). Imagine having the CRM integrate with the project management system, which links to the warehouse management system, which also links with the payment system, that’s the type of connect ability Claritask offers.

Make Sure To Update

Software companies like to improve their product, find errors, or inconsistencies in the platform and solve it with updates. There are also patches that come out to address emerging security threats. Plus, there can be new features or replacements to obsolete ones. The latest, most up-to-date project management system will always be the most effective, make sure your platform is modernized. Usually, as a courtesy, software companies inform you of needed updates by populating a notification within the platform. Just schedule the update when everyone is leaving the office and have it run overnight.

Start exploiting a project management system to its full potential today so you can accomplish more during the day in less time. Manage projects across team-based workspaces and keep track of deliverables with confidence.