Why Is Project Management So Important?

3 min readJan 24, 2023

Project management is an integral part of any project, involving planning, assigning responsibility, and working diligently for client satisfaction. Project management systems, like Claritask, enable users, both managers and subordinates alike, to work in a transparent, cooperative, and productively competitive atmosphere, to achieve the best results for the organization and deliver the highest value to customers.

Project management systems are most often associated with construction or IT, but it’s also used in healthcare, complex engineering, or design projects. Regardless of the industry, managers rely on project management systems to issue instructions out to entire workgroups of companies, complete with deadlines and continued subtasks if individuals complete their work early. According to ancient Chinese general Sun Tsu “if instructions are not clear and commands not explicit, it is the commanders fault.” However, if the manager is good, at writing and assigning very clear and concise instructions within his or her project management software then “it is the fault of the subordinate officers that the orders are not obeyed.” Given that project management systems involve screen sharing and transparent workspaces, it’s very easy for managers and co-workers alike to see who is the weakest link in the group. So, project management systems truly enable the best managers to rule over the success of a project with an iron fist to keep things on track to customer satisfaction.

Agile management has become a trendy favorite of companies’ processes, its focus is to monitor and continuously improve deliverables. Using a project management system (PMS) accomplishes exactly what agile management seeks to do. Core components of being “agile” are delivering a high-quality project with a high or complete degree of customer satisfaction, involving team collaboration (everyone working within the PMS), and constantly adapting to new business environments (like Covid, high inflation, adjusting labor markets, or recession). Agile management is a “shoot first then aim correctly” approach to running a project. Thanks to project management software, like Claritask, managers can quickly alter the direction of a project by issuing new tasks, and deleting existing ones, without having to hold a meeting with the entire company, it’s quite an efficient method of working since instead of wasting precious time writing up emails or holding meetings (which Elon Musk believes are mostly useless), employees are constantly working.

Regardless of your workplace philosophy or methodology, less than 50% of companies currently use a project management system. However, those that do use the software experience at least a 10% savings in budget spending and a level of employee ownership of responsibility that makes quarterly performance reviews a breeze. Try using a project management system today and feel the difference in work quality and customer satisfaction, both leading to higher profit margins and more sales.